The List of Compliant Phonics Programs is now available. Additional reports for materials that are not compliant with phonics rule and law will be posted on a rolling basis.

Review Team Selection

Texas educators are the heart of the TRR process.

Reviewer experience pie chartHighly qualified teachers and administrators are recruited from every region of Texas to serve on TRR review teams.  

Reviewers represent districts of all types and sizes. Most have 10+ years of experience, and a majority have experience with English language learners and special education. 

The competitive, rigorous selection process includes performance tasks and interviews. Only 466 reviewers were selected out of the first 3,000 applicants. 

All reviewers are independent contractors, and review teams are managed by a third party. Teams undergo training on the TEKS, Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, rubric components, and evidence collection best practices. 

Review team selection pie chartWhen evaluating instructional materials, review teams follow rubrics developed with input from many stakeholders.

Teams spend hundreds of hours collecting evidence, meeting, reaching consensus, and drafting reviews. Their work, in turn, supports district-level staff in finding quality materials for their students.



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